We’ve partnered with several vendors for very specific reasons. We can get almost anything but we’ve selected these partners after years of experience.
— Cary

Main Vendors


Reliability and cost per page. Fortune 500 is dumping the “copier guys” and you should too. We have special pricing on supplies to ensure the lowest TCO and, since we’re networking folks, know how to make them work for you.

— Lexmark

Love ‘em or hate ‘em but Microsoft software runs business. As a Microsoft Direct Partner we are experts in all things Office 365 and can make your journey as easy as possible.

— Microsoft

Who? Yea… I know. Zyxel has proven themselves to be reasonably priced and super reliable over many years. Their switches and firewalls are simply great.

— zyxel

In the back of most every emergency services vehicle in the country sits a Cradlepoint. Same with convenience stores. Basically anywhere the Internet simply can’t go out you’ll find a Cradlepoint router.

— cradlepoint


Power protection isn’t sexy… unless your office is in a location with unreliable power. If you need power protection on the rare occasion your power goes out then most any UPS will do. If your needs run more toward power conditioning then your needs are different. We can explain.

— eaton

We’ve partnered with T-Mobile to offer business services and support. After having had my fill of “the best” I finally jumped ship and have used T-Mo for over 3 years. Not only did my rates go down but the service in LA is actually better. You can claim you’re the best all you want but the bars tell all.

— t-mobile

Phones aren’t phones anymore; they’re network voice terminals. As network experts we know how to make VoIP work and at very competitive rates.

— well… us

Internet services evolve. We’ve partnered with several Master Aggregators to offer services from all the major carriers and can figure out if you’re getting the best service for your needs at the best rates.

— spectrum / at&t / etc