Business Printers and Copiers

At Computer Condiments, we take pride in our innovative approach to increasing the efficiency, reliability and affordability of our printing and copying services.


Why Waste Money on Your Printers?

Welcome to the paperless world. Okay, that didn’t happen. That being said, do you know what your actual print costs are? Just buying cheap printers and ordering toner online may be costing you thousands.

As it turns out, cheap toner cartridges don’t save any money as they have a higher failure rate and lower cartridge yields (source: Gartner and Buyer’s Lab). Ordering toner with your office supplies? Probably not a good idea either as all manufacturers have different yield cartridges available with a wide difference in cost-per-page between them. Order the wrong one and you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

We offer a no-charge evaluation of your print environment as well as automated supply fulfillment or full cost-per-page Managed Print Services. The choice is yours, but we guarantee we’ll save you money or we’ll just tell you that you’re already getting a good deal. Really.

We also offer dedicated high and medium volume dedicated scanners. Yes, we know the copier/printer scans, but employee time is expensive, and scanners aren’t. If you have employees who are jumping up and down all day to scan, that’s not efficient.

To summarize, while this seems easy, it’s not, and the cost for getting it wrong is significant.

How Can We Save You Money?

We’re a networking company that understands printers and copiers are network devices, just like phones are now network voice terminals. We use technology to manage something as mundane sounding as printing.

We use the HIPAA-compliant PrintFleet data collection agent to monitor printers and copiers. This prevents lapses in ink supply while also giving us visibility into fleet utilization, so we can recommend reallocating or replacing equipment to minimize costs. Did you know that using the wrong printer can as much as quadruple your printing costs?

Managed print means we’re always watching your print volumes (not what you print) and supply levels. We ship toner shortly before you need it which means no more cabinet full of cartridges. We can also recommend the best time to replace a printer shortly before it needs expensive maintenance and is low on toner so you’re not tossing $500 worth of supplies with it.

You can count on us to provide the right solutions and devices and minimize costs.


Save Money Now!

The initial cost of a printer or copier can be misleading. It’s only a drop in the bucket. You’ll spend far more on toner than you paid for the machine over its life.

According to Gartner and Buyer’s Lab, buying cheap toner cartridges actually costs more because they don’t last very long.

But it doesn’t stop there. As an example take Brother TN-431, TN433 and TN436 black toner. They all fit the same machine. What’s the difference? TN-431 costs twice as much to use as TN436. We’re here to help you save money by providing quality solutions that last.

Get in touch with one of our experts today. We look forward to saving you hundreds – or potentially thousands – of dollars!