Network Security Services

Modern businesses rely heavily on their networks and all the amazing conveniences they provide. Speed, interconnectivity and efficiency are essential for daily processes and overall business productivity.

But this efficiency comes at a price.

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Business networks store everything from online correspondence to confidential documents and sensitive client information. Normally, this information can only be accessed by users with the right credentials.


The trouble starts, however, when a person without permission gets their hands on this information.

In order to prevent a disaster like that from happening, it is absolutely crucial to ensure the security of your network.

Data breaches often have catastrophic consequences, such as loss of your clients’ trust, hours spent resolving issues resulting from the breach, and potentially thousands of dollars' worth of lost productivity.

Network consultants can help clean up after an attack, but it's far better to call them beforehand, as they may be able to identify vulnerabilities and harden your network in order to prevent disasters from occurring in the first place.

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The public Internet has become a hostile place, and traditional antivirus and firewalls provide insufficient protection from today's advanced threats.

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Computer Condiments employs state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the maximum possible protection within your budget.

We layer defenses that leverage cloud-based machine learning, artificial intelligence, sandbox technology and multifactor authentication to detect and stop millions of threats before they can wreak havoc.

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There’s no single answer to security. While there’s no definitive ‘right way’ to do it, there are a multitude of wrong ways. The threat landscape is continuously changing, and countermeasures are continuously evolving. You need a partner that understands this, and we’re that partner.

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