VoIP phones maintained by network professionals. No Tier 1 support taking messages and opening tickets. One flat rate per phone. No taxes. No fees. No long distance. No mystery boxes in the closet.


The most mysterious of the buzz words. “The Cloud” just means the server is elsewhere. Some things, like email, should absolutely be done by someone else. Whether you should give up your on-premises server… that’s another question and it depends on your business.

Printers and copiers

Probably one of your biggest costs and it conveniently slides under the radar. $99 printers seem like a good deal. The copier guy wants a cost-per-page contract to lock you in for 5 years. The cheap toner guys show you the low cost of their cartridges. In reality there’s a reason the Federal Government, LAUSD, most major banks, health care institutions, and a good portion of the Fortune 500 have selected Lexmark instead and we can explain why.

Office 365

As a Direct Channel Services Partner for Microsoft we offer all Microsoft services, including Education and Non-Profit plans, with the support you need. We’re also experts on the plans and can minimize costs by selecting the right options for you.

High volume color multifunction the Lexmark way from Computer Condiments.

It’s kinda like the machines from the copier companies except without the repairs, the contracts and the funky drivers that just don’t print right.

Want more proof? Go into your favorite warehouse club, bank, home improvement store or DMV office and see what they use. Heck, if Lexmark can help the DMV achieve their levels of customer service imagine what they can do for you.

software licensing

We offer Microsoft, VMWare, Veeam, Adobe, Trend Micro, Webroot, Veritas and a host of other software at very competitive prices. Best of all you get the right license for your needs.

Computer Hardware

Intel makes servers. Really good servers. Really, really good servers. We can custom configure servers for you that are data-center reliable and won’t break the bank. Why not go to the source?

For business desktops and laptops we like Lenovo. They are very competitively priced and are super reliable.

Special requirements? We custom-build CGI workstations and render boxes, custom gaming rigs and anything else you need with proper support.

Backup - 

Nobody wants to think about disasters but they happen. Proper backup means never having to pay after a ransomware attack and never losing data. Be it hardware malfunction, malware, or user error proper backup ensures your business stays in business.


Whether you prefer to pay us for the time we spend or a fully managed solution we offer our services how you want them. For 35 years we’ve kept our clients’ business running smoothly and can do the same for yours.


We have access to all the major Internet and cellular providers. We have the super-secret rate sheets. We can analyze what you’re paying and get the speed you need, improve your service while cutting costs. Spectrum, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon are just part of our offerings and can cut through the hype for you. Savings of 30% or more are not uncommon for our clients.

We can supply all windows based computer systems

  • we provide hardware and software support and installation

  • instead of going to a general store to buy a computer cluttered with unnecessary third party software and a one size fits all setup we can provide workstations that are spec’d for your specific workflow and company needs.

We are certified partners with most major software companies including Microsoft, Adobe, Webroot and Trend Micro, autodesk

  • We provide tech and troubleshooting

  • we look for the fasted method to provide solutions to make sure that your business is up and running in an expedient time frame so that your business will experience the least amount of down time and can get back to business

biggest myth is that cloud computing is backed up in the cloud. it doesn’t work as a total backup solution. If you backup corrupt files on the cloud you have now uploaded those file issues to the cloud

  • We make sure to solve file issues before uploading to cloud

  • Cloud is a method of backup, but it is a soft backup. most companies rely on cloud backup solely which leads exorbitant amounts of recovery time and recreating same issues on current computer systems.

  • We redirect all cloud computing to proper alternate backups for added precautions

  • It is to make sure company files are not solely backed up locally so if you have any compromises or power outages or user mistakes your systems are backed up remotely providing an extra precaution.

We are partnered with all major ISP’s.

  • Many companies have speed issues but it might not be the ISP’s service speed. Many companies waste money on large packages but experience low speed because of network or hardware issues. ISP’s will try and solve the problem by selling more expensive packages so companies waste a bunch of money on a service they don’t need.

  • We work with the ISP’s to schedule installtion so you can save time and rest assured that you will have the proper connection with the most appropriate package under the lowest cost possible so you don’t waste money.

We use YayLink phones, verizon, at+t, and most major ISP’s supports our phones

  • companies generally over spend for voip service

  • no license fees for IBR or ring group

  • most companies charge minute cap with per minute after cap, we have unlimited at a flat rate

  • we use Session Inital Protocal (SIP) work with all major service providers whether satallite, cellular, or cable (POT’s or PTSN)

hardware firewall Cisco, Zyxel, Cradlepoint, Sonicwall, Barracuda

  • ATERA software allows to scan to see what’s being run, order to monitor systems software and hardware to improve security measures

  • network virus protection Webroot and Trend Micro

  • We can make penetration tests with client permissions to determine current that vulnerabilities exists

  • Most companies just plug and play devices which crowd the network addressing leading to network ip conflicts. We follow a particular network ip addressing schema in order to organize all devices on network to accommodate a large amount of devices on the network. With this we can better troubleshoot any network issues or comprises and provide scalability which allows us to group device by common functions.

  • Which handle instalations and tech support with a range of light to heavy engineering so you can know your network will be stable.

lexmark, okidata, brother workhorse, Ricoh

  • We use print fleet it is hippa compliant authorized for use on federal government networks to monitor all printers and copiers to make sure there are no issues and make sure there is no lapse ink supply.

  • Statistical reporting allows us to recommend reallocating of devices based on department use.

  • There are lots of ways to get screwed with printing. We provide all of the solutions to get you the right devices and save you money

  • As it turns out the cost of the printer or copier is only a drop in the bucket. You'll spend far more on toner than you paid for the machine over its life.

    Buying cheap toner? You're probably not saving any money since they don't last as long. Says who? Says Gartner. And Buyer's Lab.

    Call us. We can save you hundreds. Or thousands. Or tens of thousands of dollars.

    Want proof? Look at the printers and copiers Costco, Kaiser, Lowes, Home Depot, the federal government and your bank use. Hint: they're not "copiers."